... as a preventative tool against pain and dysfunction is a key to healthy living and career longevity.

Exercise is an important component of Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy®. Half of a Myotherapist's training is in Bonnie Prudden Exercise.

Muscles have a good memory, especially when it comes to bad habits. When a muscle has been shortened for a length of time, getting it to return to it's normal resting length is not easy, even when trigger points causing it to spasm have been deactivated. Myotherapy may remove the menacing trigger points, but without stretching exercises the muscles tend to revert to their shortened condition.

Simple range of motion exercises are key to successful muscle recovery. After the muscles have relaxed and range of motion is restored, patients are taught gentle strengthening exercises.

Bonnie Prudden Exercise combines stretching and strengthening exercise with upbeat music. The goal is to have fun while building strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance and coordination. Matrix Trigger Points are those that are usually laid down when the muscle is first damaged and they will refer pain to other areas of the body. Satellite trigger points do not refer pain when pressed on; they are laid down as a result of the Matrix firing up and causing the muscle fibers to shorten. Satellite trigger points, if not defused, can cause the Matrix trigger points to reactivate.

Examples of Corrective Exercises